I had planned on keeping my blog updated as we go, catching up on the days where we had long travel days...but everything has been too real & crazy & emotional & intense. 

The last time I went on any kind of Africa travel, I went first class (except perhaps for my mount Kenya climb) and while that was mind blowing and breathtaking and amazing, this is (almost) inexplicable. 

Apart from setting up the heavy canvas tent and taking it down (by myself since we have an odd number of women in the group) and praying that it fits in the tent sack and then getting my luggage, eat breakfast, & shower & change clothes all by 04h30 or 05h30 or 08h30 when we are really, really lucky....we have our rotating chores, we have to spend 24/7 with 22 other people (including the guides), we have to eat what we are served (or go hungry), we have to live with the differences of the other cultures (like sorry guys, it’s in my heritage, but the Germans on our trip are downright rude & ignorant most of the time. Not all....but....95%), we deal with lack of sleep, comfort....I think this is a never ending sentence..

All this complaining....and every day (perhaps except one or two at the most), something magical happens, that could only happen in Africa.

I don’t have many photos (but I have them from other people) & I want to go through & post about each day...but, it’s too magical to every fully capture. I’d like to try. But the blog is on hold because I’m too busy dealing with the annoying stuff and too busy catching up on sleep and most likely, living the Africa magic stuff. 


  1. So glad to hear from you. One way or another. I will be glad when you come home. It seems like you've been gone far to long. Glad to hear your okay. See you soon. Love ggxo


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