Top Ten Themes of the Trip

Wow. Remember when I used to travel and blog daily or every second day about all my adventures? Yeah. I can’t even imagine doing every three or four or five days with this trip. This trip was insane. 

There are some themes of the trip. In no particular order they are. 

  1. I'm a granny with a minor but extremely painful hip/back injury, but I think that I can do anything and the pain will go away when I want it to. 
  2. Heartbreak hotel....campground.  
  3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Learn to spell it in all languages please. 
  4. I'm independent, but pleassseeee like me. Please. 
  5. Who won World War II? I forgot, can you remind me again? 
  6. Africa Magic & Africa Surprises
  7. The kindness of others
  8. When it comes to age, in many instances: 39 - 25 = 20
  9. Fat Camp
  10. The wheels on the bus on round and round - so don't f*ck with my seat.
It will take me some time to write about each theme...and each theme doesn't need to be written about. Like #1. 

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, some of the stories will be familiar...but I want this blog to keep going and listing all my travels, so skip the posts as you wish. :)


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