About Me

I started this blog to keep in touch with my family and friends while I took a job in Madagascar. The job finally ended four years later and then I decided to take a long holiday. I reallllly long holiday. See my Jobless Hobo Trip posts. I went back to Madagascar for a bit with my then-husband, I travelled a bit, then I realized that real life had to start happening.

Finally, after more drama that I thought I could handle, I'm back to the grind in Canada (Montreal to be exact).
Here's the original 2009 "About Me" here. It seems like ages ago! 

Essentially, I'm still the same person, while being a completely different person all together....yeah, things are complicated when you move 15,000km from anything you've ever known for nearly FOUR years!

I don't know where to start.

And in the meantime...some random facts.

Since starting this blog, I've :
  • Gone crazy and back fourteen thousand times....
  • Climbed Mount Kenya
  • Originally from Alberta but now live in Quebec
  • Cycled through the hills of Piedmont Italy
  • Got married...and unfortunately am going through a divorce.  
  • Cried so much that I think I'll have eye problems when I'm 50
  • Travelled Madagascar twice with family
  • Went on safari multiple times
  • Met the most incredible, amazing people that I would have never met otherwise
  • Been stabbed in the back about a hundred times
  • Been able to go through the crazy, wonderful, insane experience of working in a start up project, which I will be forever grateful for
  • Shared far too much personal information on my blog...I like doing it for some reason
  • Had so many breathtaking, amazing moments
  • Had my eyes ripped open to another world...which can never be properly explained with words....
  • Been so, incredibly blessed.    
And now? I don't know about now. I'm now sure if Montreal is home. It seems harder for me to adapt to Canadian life (or rather Quebec life!) than it was to adapt to Madagascar life. I struggle a lot. I'm hard on myself. I have high expectations. I'm a bit of a mess at times. But the one thing that never changes is that I like to document my life and write about it...although am pretty sporadic about it all. So thanks for reading!