Pee Pee or Ca Ca?

If you've been following my blog for a bit - you've seen one of these buckets before:

WhenI first came here, I was fascniated that's how you flush the toilet when the building runs out of water. I didn't really think the cup was necessary...but what do I know.

Well - I found out the real reason why they have the little cup inside the bucket.

Tuesday at lunch, I went with a couple of the guys to the market that the locals go. Most of there vendors don't speak French, so we had to take a Malagasy translator (who happens to be a waitress at the Expat bar. She found out we were going and offered to come and help translate).

Well...this was not ANYTHING like the market I had been to before. This one was....well....icky to say the least.

Not five minutes into our shopping trip - I had an emergency....and needed to use a washroom - immediately. Most days my stomach here is pretty good... but others....well... today was an "other" day.

Chantal (our Malagasy translator) took my hand and let me into this.... place. I was kind of panicked because I had mere seconds before there was an actual incident.

She explained to the proprietors of this...building that I was going to be sick - she thought I was going to throw up. So they ushered me into this one room - which I can only describe as the worlds worst shower stall.
I couldn't actual... TOILET to use. So I told her I was very confused. She then says, Pee Pee? or Ca Ca? I'm like....What? Again, she repeats, Pee Pee? or Ca Ca? I'm like... um.....Ca Ca.

She then I'm brought into a different room that looks like this:

I asked for toilet paper....and she points down to the bucket. I'm I need toilet paper? She then (while trying not to kill herself laughing) explains that this is what you use instead of toilet paper. You take the cup, fill it up, and then splash yourself with it to clean off the pee pee or the caca.


At this point....I don't have any options.

I hike up my skirt, have my emergency - and then take the cup and try to splash myself as best as I could.

Not only did I have to go through that trauma - but I had to pay $100 Ar before I could leave (its like... $0.25 CDN).

My friends said the look on my face was priceless as I left. And then they asked me why my feet were wet. I said... I'm not ready to talk about it yet...

I am....still....slightly traumatized


  1. Wow! you might say you had a sh--y afternoon and we a home would understan what you were talking about. That makes Grandpas bush look like the Mac. Only we don't supply the water. I guess your going to carry tissue from now on eh!
    Love G@G


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