Z is for Zebra

I had just finished eating my warthog, crocodile tail, and antelope and was on my way back to my room.....

And then I saw them. And I let out a yelp. Hearing my gasp/yelp, a bar staff asked me, Are you scared? It's okay!

I said, NO!! I'm fine....BUT there are zebras!!! In the grass!!
Now....I can understand his confused look - because basically this is the equivalent of a someone from Europe or Asia coming to Jasper Park and freaking out that they saw an elk or a mountain goat or something... but I completely freaked out.

I was....like....THREE feet from wild Zebra.

Wild Zebra are in my backyard. And...I haven't even started the safari tours.

I ran back to my room, grabbed my camera.....and I couldn't stop saying over and over again (in a whisper-yell - so that I wouldn't scare them) OH MY GOD, THERE ARE ZEBRAS!! OH MY GOD, THERE ARE ZEBRAS!!! (and yes, I FOR SURE looked like a crazy white woman....)

I have been having a really hard time grasping that I'm in Zambia.
All day long, my brain...hasn't been able to process what my eyes have been seeing. It just...doesn't....work. I can't grasp the ideas of what I'm seeing....where I am in the world...it's freaking crazy, and it just feels so incredibly surreal. Too surreal.....
That is - until - I see zebras walking around in my backyard - just chillin and eatin' some grass.