I'm back to having to asking up to four people to get a ride to and from work.

For the past several months I have been "borrowing" drivers from other departments, but the other departments now need their drivers back.

For the next two weeks, there is room for me to ride with a share driver from another department. I now leave at 6h45 to get to work and get a ride at either 18h00 or 19h00 home...But, I can't complain because its their driver....and they are being accomodating in giving me a lift.

And for lunch? Well, so far this week I've eaten bananas and peanut butter on melba toasts and instant noodles that I keep in my office for just such occasions.

Today I was MEGA craving a pop, and I didn't really have supplies for lunch, so I asked two people (that have a regular but shared driver) if I could use their driver this morning. I called the driver, he was pissed off because I'm interrupting whatever he was doing, but he came to pick me up anyway. He then drove me to the bank and then to the store to get me a coke and some bananas.

One of the more frustrating things about expat life is the lack of independence that I have in comparison to a more traditional Canadian life. In Canada, I can eat when I want, where I want; I can make appointments after work without having to go through more hassle than it's worth....

In a month...or a few months...or SOMETIME...we are supposed to move to an office within walking distance to the camp, which will be awesome. I'm not sure how I'll supposed to go grocery shopping, or god forbid out for supper or for a massage, which I haven't been able to get for a few weeks now (I know, life is so tragic)....

I'm also sick of hearing "A Whole New World" in French (the Alladin theme song?). For some reason there are a few ladies at work that love listening to this song over and over again. !!!!!

Between the stupid driver thing and my stupid phone that I'm ready to throw at someone, I'm feeling very complainy.

I know life isn't really that's just so frustrating that I've spent ten months here running around borrowing people's drivers. Okay, I'm done my rant. And off to make a banana-and-peanut-butter-melba-toast-sandwich.

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