On the boat!

I am mega jet-lagged and totally out of it, but somehow I made it on the boat. We are having a super awesome time, even if it's only been a few hours. I plan on being extremely ....crap...I can't think of the word. But I plan on taking pictures of what I wear every night for supper because since moving to the jungle I NEVER dress up and it's actually kind of fun.

We've met a few people from the group that we were originally scheduled to go with and they are all super nice.

Bad news: I lost my iTouch. This thing is my lifeline.
Worse news: I bought another one. The 64G one. I thought about the iPad, but couldn't figure out how I would be able to run with it. :P
Triple Worse News: I think it's going to cost me nine billion dollars to download anything to it. I'd settle for 45 minutes of fun music so I can run. I hate these moments where I think I'm a bazillionaire.

Now, Fantastic news: I have a suitcase full of fun clothes, I"m getting a pedicure tomorrow, AND I'M ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and fruit and vegetables and STARBUCKS.


  1. Nothing but a little deprivation to make you enjoy the good things in life. It is amazing to me that there's a lack of fruit and veggies in MG!

    I lived in the US for a few years lately and really didn't like that nobody dresses up for anything anymore, well almost anything. You can spend a fortune in a fancy restaurant on a beautiful meal and have a view of the fat guy at the next table in shabby jeans and a junky T-shirt.

    Enjoy your trip, but of course you will.

  2. Have a great trip! Sucks about the iPod Touch, but if you got the new one with the camera built in, it's basically an iPhone without the phone part - and if you put Skype on it, well, it's a phone, too.


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