A couple of updates...More pictures soon to come

Two new updates this week.
  1. My next travel plans involved was for me to go to Paris, Rome, and Barcelona with two friends, and then finishing the trip in Belgium. One of the friends suddenly can’t go. Pretty choked up about that, but it’s still at trip to Europe and I’m still going still to have a kick ass time. I was kind of down about the travel plans, but I was talking with a guy that I run with - who is Italian and used to work as a tour guide in Italy, and he has brought my excitement back!!! Instead of just going to Rome, I’m thinking of heading to Rome, then Naples, then Capri.
  2. I’ve moved! I used to live in this camp, and now I live in a village nearby. It’s a temporary thing right now due to the over capacity of the 1st camp. Why the move? Well…this village is made up of duplexes that are BEAUTIFUL. They have a full kitchen (with everything you could ever imagine needing!!), two bedrooms, a huge bed, a patio, living room, crazy big TVs, stereo, … the list goes on and on. it’s like a REAL house. The catch? These duplexes have two rooms. So…us rotational expats have to bunk up together. So…after….perhaps too much analysis, I decided to share with the boy. It’s… a bit of a risk I guess…but…things are always different in MG. And…well, risks sometimes pan out to good things. So far, a few people have had some mixed reactions about this… Time will tell. Will post pictures of the new place this week!

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